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About Our Academic Transcription Service

Research Transcription Service

Academic Transcription ServiceAbove all else, academic research is ultimately about the data analysis and academic studies are about understanding something thoroughly. Transcription becomes important and valuable when you might often wish that the professor could repeat a certain part that you didn’t quite catch, or didn’t understand, or found interesting and would like to hear again. The value of academic transcription is that it allows you to keep track of everything. Transcribing a lecture can now be hassle free and affordable with our academic transcription services. Reading a transcribed lecture will allow you to analyze the content in more detail and not miss any details. It’s this crucial that makes transcription so valuable, that it allows you to go back and revisit content that wouldn’t otherwise be easy or even possible.

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Professional Academic Transcription Service

Cheap Academic Transcription ServiceThere are numerous instances when transcription could be useful such as for lectures. But it can also be a crucial time-saver for any other academic or professional research, such as for your dissertation, or for interviews. Transcribing audio material effectively requires exceptional typing skills as well as the ability to interpret speech accurately. People often find themselves in conflict with one or two of these challenges and that is where the help of our academic transcription service can come in.

Few advantages of our research transcription service:

  • we transcribe all kinds of audio and video files
  • we offer free final proofreading of every transcript
  • we are able to meet 24 hours deadline
  • we guarantee your confidentiality
  • we provide full money back guarantee

We offer a wide range of academic transcription services, and our professionals can transcribe audio featuring strong accents, different languages, or background noise, so that no matter the material we can provide a high grade research transcription service, including focus group transcription or any other needed help!

About Our Academic Transcription Service

Best Research Transcription ServiceWe started our company because we thought there was a shortage of high quality, reliable research transcription services available. We know what a bother and how tedious academic transcription can be for an individual, but also how an affordable service can save time! With a professional quality transcription we can assist you in focusing on your exams or on your research without spending hours reviewing audio material. We have a team of professionals who all have experience and skill in various types of transcription. We also employ a simple working process which makes our help easily accessible at all times!

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