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Are You Sure that Focus Group Transcription Is for You?

Focus Group TranscriptionFocus group transcription can be provided for many kinds of people. Whether you are a student or a professional, there is a good chance you will have to attend a focus group where you will need to make a good recording so that you can later transcribe the discussions that took place. Focus group transcription is one of the most difficult of all transcriptions because there are so many people in attendance, and often it is hard for you to decipher who is saying what. Identifying each speaker is a painstaking task and one of the reasons many people shy away from this kind of work.

5 Reasons Why a Focus Group Transcript Is Difficult

Lots of People Talking – During a focus group, many people are in attendance. As a consequence, it is often the case that more than one person is talking at any one time. This makes transcribing very difficult because the speakers overlap one another. As a consequence, important information is missed.

Identifying Each Speaker – As mentioned, a number of people attend a focus group. It could be 5, it could be 10 – or it could even be as many people as 20. For this reason, identifying each speaker becomes a problem. How do you remember each voice? How do you know who is really saying what? The result is that you might quote the wrong person.

Nuances Of Speech – Transcribing focus groups is made doubly difficult if there is a speaker who mumbles and is thus practically inaudible. If a speaker has a difficulty getting their point across – or if they speak too quickly – it can make focus group transcription difficult.focus group transcription sample

Background Noise – A bad focus group transcription example often happens when there is too much background noise in the recording. This can happen if the focus group is taking place in a room next to a major road, or if it is taking place in a large hall.

Dialects – Some people have weak dialects – but some have very strong dialects. If there is a speaker in your focus group transcript who has a very strong dialect, it can often be hard to decipher what it is they are saying. It is often a case where you have to listen really carefully, continuously playing the recording back – or asking a friend to help.

Benefits of Using a Professional Focus Transcription Service

Quality Sound Equipment – Top quality sound equipment ensures a crystal clear sound recording – which makes it easier to decipher sounds and speeches, even in a place as busy as a focus group.

Professional Mastering Equipment – High quality sound mastering equipment is fundamental when it comes to a focus group transcription. Professional transcription services use this mastering software to separate the sounds – and thus the speeches, which essentially means that each individual speaker is identified.

Experience – There is no doubt that experience counts for a lot when it comes to transcribing focus groups. A professional transcription service have trained their ears so as to spot nuances in speech, recognise what is being said when speakers are overlapping, and identify each individual speaker.focus group transcription services

Why Choose Us?

focus group transcriptIf you’re having trouble transcribing focus groups and need some help, why not speak to us today? We are a professional academic transcription service with years of experiences when it comes to focus group transcription and we are armed with the the latest sound recording technology. When it comes to deciphering every last important detail in a focus group, there is simply no one better.





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