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Our Research Transcription Services

Research Transcription Services

Research TranscriptionConducting a good academic research requires familiarity with formally accepted academic research standards engrained into the minds of new undergraduates through constant reinforcement. The most important thing when it comes to research is organization, having all your ideas and related data organized into a fluid logical form with proper referencing. Academic research often comes in many different forms, such as online institutional article databases, press clippings and relevant books. However, if you are an academic many preferred forms of research involve hours of interviews, discussions and other recorded case studies. Perhaps the only way to effectively organize this research is through audio or video transcription.

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Our Research Transcript Services

Research Transcription ServicesTranscription may be the most effective method of organization for serious academics and not only graduate students. A high quality transcription is a time consuming process involving intensely focusing on the context, interactions and noises in a recording. Unsurprisingly many people struggle with this and do not have the time to do it. The organizational and analytical benefits of transcription can only be realized after it is provided by a solid transcription service. Our professional research transcription services aims to save the amount of time you spend on sifting through hours of audio so you can focus on actually analyzing the data.

We offer a wide range of research transcription services, accepting all formats and providing the all types of transcription you could possibly need!

  • If the recording is in a different language or a mix of different languages, we can do it!
  • If the recording has a heavy accent or a mix of different accents, we have professionals specially suited to just about any research transcription task there is, getting you the best possible results!
  • Need the final transcription in a PDF, Word or other format? – We can do it!
  • Need the final transcription translated into a different language? – We can do it! Audio, video, press clippings, handwritten notes, research papers, PowerPoint presentations, we can organize and transcribe it all!
  • If you need a research interview transcription, we are able to help you anytime!

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The Best Research Transcription Service

Best Research Transcription ServiceOur online research transcription service is conveniently available at any time to provide you with the best possible quality. We are a research transcription company that you can you trust not only get the genuine transcript to you on time, but do an excellent job and to transcribe the content flawlessly. Furthermore, we offer specialized data coding and analysis, academic writing and editing services for students. We guarantee you full confidentially and 100% satisfaction back-uped with full money back guarantee.

Our research transcription services are here for you!