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  • Seminars
  • Focus Groups
  • Video Recordings
  • Presentations
  • Research Work
  • Dissertations
  • Group Discussions

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Academic Transcription Services

transcription services for academicsYou use academic transcription to put audio or video recordings into legible text. If you’re listening to a very good speaker or conducting an interview, you don’t want to get distracted by writing down all the important details you want to remember. However, you cannot remember everything the speaker says. This prompts you to record the speech or interview for later transcription. Academic research transcription services help students and professionals to transfer scripts into meaningful text. Here are few important things you have to know about our agency and our services.

About Our Academic Research Transcription Services

We are among the most trusted transcription services online. We offer a wide array of services – from academics, data, interview, dissertations, and research transcription services – we all have it for you. If you’re looking for a qualitative research transcription services, we have the quality, accuracy, and timely delivery of every project.

Features of the Transcription Services for Academic Improvement

Services for transcription services for academics don’t have to be complicated. We offer simple but essential transcription services for dissertations for you.

  • Affordability: We are among the most affordable transcription services online today. We keep our prices affordable for students who are still finding their way to success.
  • On-time delivery: We ensure that your transcribe texts are delivered before your set deadline.
  • Simple online process: We also offer the simplest online form where you can submit your order.
  • Accuracy: Our transcribers offer 100% accuracy in transferring your audio/video into text. Each project is handled carefully and edited to suit your requirements.
  • Customer support: We keep our lines open to hear out your suggestions, queries, and complaints. Our customer service line is available 24/7 to serve you.

Our Expert Transcriptionists

We only employ the best professionals to handle your projects. Our team is composed of professional transcriptionists with years of experience and skills providing similar services. We have a pool of researchers to provide research interview transcription services and data experts for data transcription services.

Working on your next project will be easier with the help of our professional transcriptionist. Whether you’re starting your thesis or you need transcription for the dissertation, we have the support you need. Check out our page for more information.

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Affordable High-Quality Academic Transcription

dissertation transcription services Attending college or university requires listening to long lectures and taking down detailed notes in an attempt not to miss anything important. Did you ever wish you could spend the time actually listening to the lecture itself without worrying about forgetting the details later? There are usually so many things that need to be paid attention to during a lecture that many students usually miss out on the most important points, only to write down the irrelevant ones. Wish you could just record the whole lecture and then get it transcribed on paper for an affordable price?

Our professional transcribers can even highlight the most important points on which the lecturer laid emphasis on. Time constraints, stress and other responsibilities often keep students from reaching their highest potential. Academic transcription is a service that will save your time and get you focused. Never again will you have to spend your time listening to hours of lectures when studying for an exam. Get a lecture transcribed, get the main points and ace the exams! Transcription can be very useful in many other situations, such as interviews or business meetings, where you can simply turn on an audio recorder or video camera and focus on the interview itself or the actual business meeting. Our academic transcription service is provided with the goal of getting notch transcriptions into the hands of people who need them without any hassle.

Professional Academic Transcription Services

academic transcriptionWe offer a wide range of academic transcription services provided by a  team of professional transcriptionists with years of experience. We deal with academic transcriptions of all kinds and can transcript any audio or video formats, even if the recorded quality is not the best. We provide full verbatim transcriptions or non-verbatim transcriptions and can even note down the most important points. Our transcription process is focused on minimizing the amount of time you spend to allow you to focus on more important tasks. When you place an order, just send in the content you need to be transcribed, indicate the final output format and deadline.We will deliver a professional quality flawless transcription!

Expert Academic Transcription Professionals

academic transcriptionsOur team of professionals was specially selected based on their level of skill, experience, speed and accuracy when handling a wide range of transcriptions. We employ only the best transcriptionists who can transcript anything quickly and effectively! We definitely have the academic transcription services you are looking for. Whether you need research transcription services or lecture transcription services, our online service is a one-stop destination for your transcription needs. We do not settle for anything less than only the best possible transcription!

Our academic transcription service is ready to help you at any time!