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Advantages of Great Professional Academic Transcription

The Importance Of Your Thesis

student transcription servicesYour thesis is one of the most important – if not the most important – pieces of work you will ever hand in in your educational life. At University, it can account for a quarter of your mark for the final year – which is huge. For this reason, the student’s life becomes hectic during the last months of their time at University. To get their thesis just right, they have to conduct a huge amount of research, pulling it from a variety of sources, such as interviews, audio recording, video footage, handwritten notes, lectures and so on. Then they have to transcribe it all. As you can see, the reality is that students have very little time to indulge in thesis transcription – despite it being hugely important.

The Benefits Of Using A Dissertation Transcription Service

Time Saving – When a student uses a dissertation transcript service, they are free to focus on what really matters – such as analysing the data – whilst the service works on the academic transcription

Unlimited Revision – Because we know how important it is that your thesis transcription is completely perfect, we offer unlimited revisions!

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Affordable – One of the biggest concerns students have when considering using a thesis transcription service is whether they can really afford it. Our service is hugely affordable, and we also offer a 20% discount for students

Free Proofreading – Proofreading is hard and the student often has little time for it. We not only offer ready-to-use proofread transcripts, but we also proofread for free!

Rush Turnaround – If time is running out, you’re probably not gong to be able to get your transcription done in time if you do yourself. Well, you could, but the rest of your dissertation would suffer. We offer a rush turnaround service which means that if you need your thesis transcription completed on the same day, we do that for you!

Information Received Quickly – If you are in desperate need of some information super quick but would have to go without sleep for 24 hours if you did it yourself, we solve this problem!

We’re Versatile – Did you know that we also analyse and code the data too?

Accuracy – Students who are indulging in research transcription probably have to go without sleep if they want to write an impeccable thesis too. This can lead to mistakes. We, however, guarantee 98-100% accuracy.

Unlimited Editing – Want to edit your transcriptions but find that you have no time? No problem for us, we have unlimited time to do unlimited editing!

Excellent Equipment – If you ever tried to conduct your own dissertation transcription from home but found that your audio recording made the recorded sound too difficult to actually transcribe anything with any degree of accuracy, we work with state-of-the-art transcription kit, which means the sound is always crystal clear.

“Before I came to academictranscriptionservices.com, I was really struggling for time and my thesis was suffering as a result. I was really unsure about using it at first, but I’m very glad I did. I freed up so much time and was able to work on my thesis knowing they were taking care of the transcription side of things.”

– Matthew Parkinson, Psychology student

Why Us?

online academic transcription servicesUsing a thesis transcription such as ours removes all the stress and hassle felt by the student. We are home to a team of expert, professional academic transcribers who help to take a load off the student by collecting all their research into one, totally accurate transcription that allows them to work much more effectively on their dissertation. We know how important this time in your life is, and it’s our job to make it easier for you, and we do it all for an incredibly low fee. With a huge wealth of bonuses thrown in, such as discounts and rush turnaround, we are the thesis transcription experts.




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