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Why Might You Need Our Transcription Services Canada?

Transcription is the process of listening to an audio or video file and then copying down what has been said into a text file so that all of the information can be either kept for referencing purposes or used to help with research. In academic projects, it can be vital for recording interviews for research papers or for letting you pay attention to a lecture where information overload is a real problem. Recording the lecture and then transcribing it gives you ample opportunity to study in detail what the professor has said. Our transcriptions services Canada understand exactly the importance of information gathering to complete research or dissertation papers etc. and the time frame in which it needs to be done in.

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This maybe one of the biggest problems anyone will face with transcription, time. We speak, on average at a rate of 150 to 170 words per minute which roughly equates to nearly 10,000 words per hour. Lecture transcription may be even faster than that so getting all that information into a written text file is going to take a lot of time, something many people just don’t have when preparing their thesis papers.

This is why many people use our professional transcription services Ontario, Canada to get quick and accurate written text from their audio or video files.

Our Transcription Services Toronto Can Help Show You How It’s Done

Our Canadian transcripts have put a guide together in order to show you the level of detail and concentration needed when carrying out transcription.

While this guide is not comprehensive, it will, however, get you started on completing small projects by yourself until you gain the necessary proficiency to start on bigger ones:

  • Transcribe exactly what you hear; don’t summarize or transcribe phonetically. Dialects should be accurately translated into standard language unless there is no suitable translation.
  • Informal contractions shouldn’t be transcribed but changed to standard language i.e. gonna becomes going to.
  • Interruptions of words or sentences as well as any speech impediment (stutter, lisp) should be omitted. Only emphasized word doublings should be transcribed if they are used for emphasis.
  • Any pauses should be indicated by suspension marks in brackets (…).
  • In an interview, any assenting noises by the interviewer should not be transcribed.
  • Each contribution by a speaker should have their own paragraph with a blank line in between. Including a time stamp at the end of each paragraph can help to keep track and aid in reviewing.
  • Any incomprehensible words should be indicated as (inc.) with the reason indicated; (inc., phone ringing). If you assume a certain word but are not sure, put it in brackets with a question mark and put a time stamp if there isn’t one within a minute to come back to later when you have more time to research it.

While transcribing a speech made by Scottish MP Jim Sheridan, the writer was asked to explain why he had referred to the Scottish National Party as “big fairies”. What he didn’t realize was that Mr Sheridan had in fact called the SNP “big fearties” a word commonly only used in Scotland to refer to someone who is frightened. An embarrassing mistake to make which could be career ending so it always pays to carry out research if unsure of any words which have been used.

Common Mistakes Our Canadian Transcriptionist Can Help You Avoid

No one is perfect so mistakes do happen. There are ways, however, in which to overcome some of the more common problems that exist and our typing services Canada have listed a few here to help you:

  • Typos will happen and are one of the most common mistakes of all as fast typing can easily lead to an extra letter being included in a word. To avoid any typos, you will need to re-read the whole text. Most will stand out immediately, but sometimes a second pair of eyes makes it easier to help prevent any mistakes like these. To try and avoid them altogether, be careful to read as you type. While difficult for inexperienced people to do, this skill will be acquired over time.
  • Two words that sound the same but are spelt differently all depend on the sound recording and audio context you have access to. They can be avoided by paying attention while typing but if time is short however, they can all be edited in the final draft.
  • Transcription Toronto and transposition errors are normal in the first draft so don’t worry too much about them. A transcription error is a typo or any other similar mistake whereas transposition errors take place when the order of characters has been switched. I.e. 2010 might be written as 2001 or academic might be typed as academic. These errors will be very visible in the final draft which makes the post editing even more important.

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Robert Mullon at brighthub suggests that:

“If you are working on a job involving technical words, make sure you are familiar with the subject being spoken or the field generally. This is particularly true of medical transcriptions where you would at least research the topic briefly so that the terminology is transcribed accurately”

Our Professional Transcription Services Ottawa Can Be Easily Reached

Ensuring you always get the best help available from making your transcribed documents more legible and easier to read is one of the many advantages of having experts complete the work for you. Our dedicated team of Canada and US transcription services brings our services to the whole of the country to give added reassurance that wherever you are from:

  • Toronto
  • Montreal
  • Calgary
  • Ottawa
  • Edmonton
  • Mississauga
  • Ontario

Someone is always close at hand to help with your:

  • Thesis transcription
  • Dissertation transcription
  • Lecture transcription
  • Research transcription
  • Seminar transcription

Our Typing Services Canada Offer a Full Range of Benefits and Guarantees

We understand exactly what is required to present you with a transcribed document that will be accurate to the audio file and done quickly so as not to hold up any research. By using our professional Canadian transcription services, you can be assured of a reliable and trustworthy outcome which will exceed all your expectations and avoids any errors in the hope of retaining your business for any future writing needs. Included within our range of transcription services Ontario Canada, you will also benefit from:

  • Around the clock online ordering that is fully confidential
  • Highly affordable prices with flexible discounts for returning customers and bulk orders
  • Unlimited reviews with a fast turnaround
  • Completely error free writing that will be delivered before your due date
  • 100% money back guarantee if not totally satisfied

For the best transcription services Canada that deliver top quality work to the highest of standards, simply get in touch with us now to take advantage of our affordable pricing reliability!