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Best Research Transcription Services

Best Research Transcription ServicesDo You Need Help with Research Transcription?

With the gadgets that we all have available today it is very simple to record everything from your lectures through to your research interviews. Recording allows you to concentrate on what is actually being said without any distractions caused by trying to take notes. The problems however come later when you realize that you can’t easily sort through the data that you have recorded or categorize it or anything else that you can do with written records. You have to transcribe what you have recorded if you want to be able to use the data easily. Research transcription however can be a long process and takes a lot of concentration if you are going to do it accurately. This is why it is best to seek out an academic transcription service to help you.

What Can Our Research Transcription Services Provide You with?

We are a professional academic transcription service and can provide you with anything that you are likely to need from archive transcription through to transcribing a conference with multiple speakers. Whatever it is that you need we will be able to provide your transcriptions through the use of highly qualified staff using the best equipment and software to allow them to ensure that you get the best. Our transcription services can provide:

  • Verbatim or intelligent verbatim style transcriptions
  • High levels of accuracy for all services
  • Cope with background noises and difficult accents as well as other types of recording issues
  • Format transcriptions according to your requirements
  • Provide time stamps where required
  • Deal with any format of audio or video recording
  • Deal with multiple languages and dialects
  • Provide translation services.
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Our Staff Are Fully Qualified to Provide Research Transcription

Many people think that anyone can do transcription; after all you just listen to what is said and write it down. However it is far harder than people think. Imagine having to transcribe a medical or legal style interview where you have never heard half of the words before and don’t know what they mean. Or maybe listening to a lecture on some aspect of chemistry or astrophysics and ensuring that you actually understanding what was said. To transcribe you have to in many cases have to be able to understand what is being discussed. This is why we only use highly qualified and very experienced transcribers to work with our clients and don’t just pass the work on to cheap and inexperienced freelancers just because they are cheap to use. When you work with us your transcriber will be:

  • A holder of a higher degree in a subject that will be relevant to the field of your transcription
  • A fully qualified and very experienced transcriber
  • Able to understand the accents being used
  • Have access to the right software and hardware to undertake your research transcription
  • Be able to provide your transcription in your chosen academic format.

Order Your Research Transcription with Confidence

archive transcriptionThere are many services out there on the internet that offer cheap transcription services but these are provided by inexperienced staff and are typically far from accurate and are unreliable. We however provide you with the very best staff as well as a host of guarantees. All of our transcriptions are delivered on time and you are protected by our money back guarantee. So if you want a highly confidential and reliable research transcription service at a highly affordable rate just contact us today.

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