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Best Tips for PhD Dissertation Transcription

dissertation transcriptionTranscription can be a time-consuming task and you have to dedicate a great deal of time and effort as to make sure that your transcripts are 100% error free. When stuck with lengthy paper works to transcribe, it is crucial that you start early as for you to still have enough time to proofread it.  When it comes to dealing with dissertation transcription, you have to guarantee that everything will be handled by experts. The main advantage when you avail professional help is the assurance that you will be working with professionals with vast experience in transcribing academic transcripts.

A dissertation is a major paper requirement for any doctorate degree. This evaluates your skills in applying the theories you have learned in school into useful and practical real-life situation. However, materials like references and related studies are not always available in text. Some of them are in audio or video recordings that you need to transcribe. You can solve this problem by hiring expert transcriptionists from the best online transcription service. But if you decided to transcribe the recording yourself, you must learn the following are shorts steps on how to transcribe a dissertation:

professional PhD transcriptionSteps to Transcribing Dissertations

  1. Download or install transcription software. Some of these software programs are free and available online. Free software works just fine but most of them require a trial period then you are obliged to buy. If you find a good one, install in on your device and learn how to use it.
  2. Prepare your tools. Use a high-quality headset for clear audio signal, better, and faster transcription. It is also advised to have a reliable keyboard.
  3. Listen to the material carefully. Adjust the audio sound if the sound is poor. You can also skip some inaudible parts and proceed to the rest. Once you are finished, go back to the parts where you skipped and listen well.
  4. Read your transcribed script. When you’re done transcribing, you must read the script carefully. This is to ensure that everything makes sense in the script.
  5. Edit the transcript. This is to make sure that your script is free from any error. Check the grammar and flow of ideas. Use an autocorrect spell check on your computer to ensure that the script has no spelling error. If you want a faster way, choose the best transcription services that offer 100% accuracy.

professional transcriptionist tips

Top 10 Tips from the Best Transcription Service

The following are some of the tips that even the best online transcription services follow for the best results.

  1. Listen to the audio/video well. Make sure that your video or audio has good properties to listen to. There is a software you can use to enhance the quality of the sound.
  2. Use good quality tools. Use a good quality headset to listen to the sound. Make sure that your headset is comfortable for a long hour of work.
  3. Use good transcription software. Install transcription software on your device. This helps you organize your work and play the material better.
  4. Have a comfortable working station. Make sure that your workstation is suited for long hours of working. Choose a quiet room to listen to ensure good quality of the transcribed material.
  5. Improve your typing skills. An average transcriptionist’s typing skills equal 65-70 words per minute. Improve your typing skills by downloading and installing a typing tutorial or game on your device.
  6. Transcribe verbatim. Transcribe the script verbatim. This means you type in even the small words that the speaker utters in the audio recording. The software will take care of transferring the sounds to words and you will take care of the editing and polishing part.
  7. Read your transcription. Read the script after the transcription. This is to ensure that everything makes sense in the script.
  8. Edit your transcription. Edit the script for any grammatical error. The best online transcription service offers 100% error free script.
  9. Rest a little bit. Take a rest after a long hour of work. This will help you refresh your hands and ears and will prepare you again for the next task.
  10. Proofread your transcription. Proofread your script to ensure that there are no spellings, punctuation, or grammatical error. You can use the spell check on your computer.

Common Mistakes in Transcribing

Some people think that transcribing is an easy task. Here are some of the common mistakes that aspiring transcriptionists make:

  • Not having good quality tools: Make sure you have a quality keyboard, headset, and software because they play important parts in the success of your transcription. Make sure that they are in good condition.
  • Not choosing a comfortable room: You are about to sit and listen to a person speaking for a couple of hours and you need a quiet and comfortable room to do this. Plus you need to type in the words he says. You need a good chair for a long hour of sitting.
  • Not editing and proofreading the script. Typing for long hours will affect the quality of the words you make. Not editing and proofreading the script will result in erroneous and poor quality script.

Whether you’re looking for dissertation, data, or interview transcription services, working with a professional is always a better way to complete your project. Here, you can be sure that your script error-free, 100% accurate and delivered timely.

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