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Get a Perfect Grade with Professional Technical Lecture Transcription Services

Get a Perfect Grade with Professional Technical Lecture Transcription ServicesWhy Would You Need Help with a Lecture Transcription?

Taking notes in a lecture can be very distracting and can actually prevent you from getting a full understanding of what is being discussed. With the technology that we all have at our fingertips it is however very easy to record everything that is being said and thus be able to fully concentrate our attention on what is being said knowing that you have a full record. The problem however comes after; it is not at all easy to scan through a video or audio recording to find specific pieces of information. This is why we will need at a later date to transcribe what was said. Transcribing audio however is far from simple and can be very time consuming. For a busy student it is far better that you use a professional service for your lecture transcription so that you can be sure that you get an accurate and reliable record of the lecture that you can use.

Our Staff Provide You a Reliable and Accurate Lecture Transcription

Transcription is only as good as the person that conducts it. So if you hire a site that uses a cheap freelancer with poor English skills you can be pretty sure that the transcription that you will receive will be far from the perfect document that you need. We know the importance of accurate transcriptions and know that the only way to provide them is to provide our clients with the best transcribers. This is why when you engage us you will always work with a transcriber that:

  • Is fully qualified and experienced in transcription work
  • Has a higher degree in a subject field relevant to the area of your lecture ensuring they fully understand what is being taught
  • Has native level English language skills
  • Is able to understand the accents used
  • Can provide your transcription in any academic format
  • Has access to the software and hardware that is needed to perform accurate rapid transcriptions.
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We Offer a Full Range of Transcription Services for Your Lecture Transcription

We are a professional transcription service and can provide you with everything that you could possibly need from your transcription. By using the best transcribers with professional support we can provide you with:

  • Highly accurate transcriptions
  • Verbatim or intelligent verbatim transcriptions in your chosen format
  • Time stamps to allow you to align the audio with your text
  • Overcome recording problems with difficult accents, background noises, poor sound quality, and multiple speakers
  • Proofreading, editing and translation services for your transcription
  • Transmission of data securely and fully confidential services.

We Will Guarantee Our Lecture Transcription

great transcribing audioWe use the best transcribers and support them fully to ensure that you will always be fully satisfied when you use our services. Our aim is your full satisfaction so that you will come back to use us for all of your transcription needs from transcribing your lectures to interviews and even dictating your work. Through our service you are provided with:

  • Fast turnarounds for your transcription and on time delivery
  • Full satisfaction money back guarantee on your lecture transcription
  • Proofreading of your transcription
  • Highly affordable and discounted services.

So if you need a reliable and accurate academic transcription service for your lecture transcription just contact us today.

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