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How To Make A Recording To Be Appropriate For Transcription

home recording tipsA number of students are aware of the possibility of investing in professional academic transcriptions of their lectures and research, and a number of them are aware of the benefits. For example, by investing in a professional academic transcription service, the student is saving time, and they are getting a recording that is crystal clear – which means that nothing the professor said is missed.

But because the quality of the recording is so high, students are often left wandering about any hidden costs and additional fees. For this reason, many are afraid to invest in a professional transcription service. Let’s take a look at some home recording tips for any student who wishes to try recording their lectures before transcribing them. These tips are generic and can be applied to any sound recording.

Top Audio Recording Tips

You Always Need High Quality Equipment – If your sound equipment is of poor quality, your sound recording will be poor too. You might record too much wind noise, and you might end up finding it hard to understand everything the intended subject is saying. We always advise to invest in good quality equipment. Famous film director Danny Boyle (Trainspotting, Slumdog Millionaire) says: “The sound was one of the reasons the film was a success and looked like it supposedly revitalised the British film industry. It’s only because we spent a lot of money on sound.”

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Can It Record Outdoors? – A fundamental audio recording tips is that your sound recorder needs to be able to record outdoors. Not all recorders can, and if yours isn’t suited for the outdoors, you will end up recording way too much wind and traffic noise.

Get Close To The Subject – It makes sense: The further you are from the person speaking, the worse the sound recording will be. To get a clear sound recording, one of our home recording tips is to get as close to the subject as possible so that your microphone can pick everything up.

Watch Your Levels – If you know how to make a good recording, you’ll know that your sound levels have to be just right. If they are too high, you will end up with distorted sound. To help ensure your levels are right, wear headphones.

Invest In Good Mastering Software – There is a saying in the film industry that you can’t polish something that was horrible in the first place. Whilst it’s true that you definitely cannot improve a poor sound recording, you can at least manipulate the audio somewhat if you have some good mastering software. Mastering software is fairly cheap, and it can work wonders for helping a sound recording sound punchier and more effective. It basically brings the recording to life.

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