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Is It Possible To Perform A Good Academic Transcription At Home?

What is An Academic Transcription?

Transcription At HomeWhen you sit in a lecture, it is easy to get frustrated that you can’t multitask. You want to listen to every word the professor is saying, but you also want to take some notes – you want to make a transcription to take home with you that will help you with your assignment.

But it’s just so hard do both. If you spend the time jotting down notes, you invariably end up missing everything the professor is saying. Instead, why not let a professional academic transcription service do all the hard work for you? Whilst you’re free to concentrate on the lecture, a professional transcription service transcribes every detail so that you can make use of it later on. And because they work super fast, a 100 pages of transcription can take just 5 days.

Why You Should Choose A Professional Transcription Service

Professional transcription equipment does not come cheap, and if you as a student are wondering how to do transcription from home, it could well be the case that you only the bare essentials when it comes to kit. Your dictaphone might be suffering from wear and tear, and instead of recording the professor’s voice clearly, you might end up recording too much background noise, such as coughing, background voices and echoes. This will damage the quality of your recording and will make transcription from home difficult.

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A professional academic transcription service like ours, however, uses the latest, most sophisticated transcription equipment available on the market. This means we are able to record the lecture in crystal clear detail, organise the recorded files and work quickly and effectively. Moreover, if you are wondering how to do transcription from home, you need to consider not only the quality of your equipment, but also whether you are up to the task of editing and proofreading your transcription. We at academictranscriptionservices.com not only invest in state-of-the-art equipment, but we are also home to a team of expert, professional editors and proofreaders who make sure the final transcription is error free.

Hassle Free

transcription from homeYou could attempt a transcription from home all your lectures yourself. But when there is something as important as your education at stake, it’s little surprise that more and more students are investing in a professional transcription service like ours. We remove all the stress and hassle of transcribing poorly recorded audio, and even better, we always provide accurate and perfect transcriptions. Our service is affordable, and we work quickly to make sure that your transcription is ready when you want it. And for students, we also throw in a 20% discount!





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