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Make Unique Research With Academic Transcription Services

research transcription servicesYour dissertation is important. We know this and you know this. There are ways to really enhance your dissertation and make it the best it can possibly be, and one of the ways to do this is by carrying out an academic transcription. An academic transcription of your research can provide the backbone of your thesis, as you will be able to gather together a whole host of information from a variety of sources including interviews and video recordings.

5 Benefits Of Using Sound Equipment Instead Of Human Ear

Evidence – When you record sound, you essentially have the evidence for all your work. If your professor asks you to verify a quote, you can simply send him the audio recording. Your human ear can’t record quotes!

The Human Ear Gets Distracted – Ever heard the phrase ‘in one ear and out the other’? This is because the human ear easily gets distracted and can miss out on importation information. Sound equipment, conversely, never gets distracted until you press ‘stop’.

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The Human Ear Forgets – A dissertation transcription is important because, if you’re the kind of person who easily forgets things, the chances are that you’ll forget the important information you’ve heard. Research transcription, on the other hand, means that you will always have backup.

The Human Ear Cannot Comprehend Everything Straight Away – When you record sounds, you have the chance to play them back and listen to them over and over until you fully understand. The human ear, conversely, only gets one chance.

Saves Time – If you decided not to go with academic transcription, but instead decided to rely on your human ear to take in information all in one go, you might find that you’ll need to conduct more research. If you make a focus group transcription, you’ll have everything you need to know on a recording – you won’t need to carry out any further research!

Why Choose Us?

great research transcription servicesIf you are a student who is about to embark on carrying out academic research for your thesis, but are finding that you are lacking time, we are glad to offer our services. We are an academic transcription service that offers a wide array of benefits to the student. Competent, highly skilled and always professional, we work with the student to produce a top dissertation transcription that aids and enhances their studies. We are available 24/7, offer a superb Rush Turnaround service – and we even throw in a 20% discount for students.





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