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Our Digital Recording Transcription Services for Your Academic Needs

Our Digital Recording Transcription Services for Your Academic NeedsWhy would You Need Digital Recording Transcription Services?

Transcription is quite simply the process of taking the spoken word and turning it into a written document. It is very simple to record anything from an interview to a lecture or even a conference but being able to use an audio or video file for classifying or searching through data is not as simple. This is why it is often necessary to turn that file into a written form. However there are many issues that need to be overcome when performing digital recording transcription and this is why it is best to use a professional service rather than attempting to do transcription yourself.

What Can Our Digital Transcription Services Do for You?

Our professional digital recording transcription service is here to help you with all of your academic transcription needs. We can help with all of the following and more:

  • Transcription of spoken notes so that you can dictate your work
  • Transcribing recorded lectures allowing you to concentrate on what is written rather than distracting yourself taking notes
  • Transcription of interviews for data collection and analysis
  • Transcribing meetings and workshops allowing you to participate without having to worry about taking notes.
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Our Experts Are Qualified to Provide You with High Quality Digital Recording Transcription

It takes more than just good ear and the ability to type to be able to provide a transcription service. Many cheap transcription services online offer transcription through unqualified and inexperienced staff that also don’t have the software and equipment required to provide effective and reliable transcription. We however are a professional digital recording transcription service and ensure that we only use the very best staff:

  • Our staff are fully qualified transcribers
  • Our staff hold higher degrees and are matched to subjects that they are qualified in ensuring that they fully understand what is being transcribed (Imagine transcribing medical notes if you have no understanding of the field)
  • Our staff are able to understand a host of different accents and are experienced in picking out words from background noise and other issues
  • Our staff have all of the required software and hardware ensuring that your transcription is produced quickly and accurately
  • Our transcribers have native level fluency in English or the specific language that you require transcribing.

Our Digital Recording Transcription Is Fully Guaranteed

digital recording transcriptionMany people are reluctant to order any form of service online and often for very good reason. Our services however are professional and reliable and very much aimed at supporting you throughout your academic career. We provide you with all of the support and the guarantees that you will need to be able to order from our digital recording transcription services with complete confidence. When you work with us you not only get highly qualified and experienced transcribers you also get:

  • Around the clock easy to access support
  • Fully confidential services
  • Highly affordable transcription services that will not break the bank
  • Easy to use ordering process and clear pricing
  • On time delivery even for 24 hour turn around.

All of this is fully covered by our money back full satisfaction guarantee; so if you need digital recording transcription just contact our experts today.

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