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Transcription means translating audio recordings into a written document which includes all the material except the secondary sounds (known as verbatim) or all the material. There are many occasions where people may need a transcription, especially in academic writing. Transcribed material from lectures in college or university gives a chance to scrutinize at your leisure those difficult concepts. Sometimes there are important things in audio or video that you want in writing for more relevant analysis. As our transcription services UK and US know only too well, it’s common in academic writing to re-type research material to organize it better for including in your paper.

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On average, we speak 140 words per minute. An English word contains an average of 4.5 letters, i.e., 140×4.5=630 characters. For these 630 characters, another 170 characters are added for punctuation making it a total of 800 characters. The transcriber then has to patiently and carefully get these down on paper. This is why many more people look to get extra help with their dissertation transcription projects from online professional services such as ours.

Our transcription services USA have many fully qualified and experienced transcribers who are always available to offer their help whenever it is needed. We can supply an expert that will quickly and accurately type up your audio recording, paying close attention to any regional pronunciation of words. They are proficient at ignoring distracting background noises and focusing instead on the speech to deliver highly professional transcriptions services US that will have you coming back for more.

Our US Transcription Service Has Provided a Guide to Assist You

The steps of transcription just like the requirements do tend to vary based on the information needed.  Every transcriptionist will take more or less time to transcribe an audio segment, depending on their experience, typing speed, and listening skills.

But on the whole, US transcription companies narrow the process down to:

  • Most recordings will be provided in digital formats such as .mp3, .wav, .avi, .mp4 etc. According to the format of the recording, a playback program or device will be required. The first step is to listen to the material.
  • Depending on the level of experience a transcriptionist has, listening and transcribing can be performed at the same time. However, inexperienced transcribers will need to pause throughout the process so that they can accurately write down all the sentences spoken in the recording.
  • At selected intervals, it is highly recommended that the transcriber re-listens to the freshly transcribed content to ensure all pronouns, prepositions, and so on were picked up. Re-listening throughout the job will aid the transcriptionist not only in guaranteeing accuracy but also spending less time on the post-processing.
  • It can be time-consuming depending on how long the recording is, but a full playback can help you check for potentially erroneous information. Listening to fragments of a recording with pauses in between is one thing, but listening to a recording from start to end is completely different. Fine touches can be easily identified and made during this step.
  • The final step of transcription is to check the entire document looking for errors. After you have played back the audio or video and made the first round of edits, it is time to thoroughly proofread the work paying full attention to grammar, punctuation, typos, and other frequent mistakes.

Common Mistakes That Some Transcription Companies USA Make

A good transcription service should provide accurate documents to their clients. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen and sometimes the quality of transcriptions is far from excellent. But by taking a look at the following list, you can learn how mistakes in transcription that can greatly affect the final outcome can be easily avoided and give the process a try for yourself:

  • Don’t guess at names, acronyms, company names and terms.
  • Fast typing speeds may miss out words or make punctuation mistakes.
  • Do your research. A transcriptionist should understand the meaning of the words used in a recording to avoid mistakes.
  • Buy superior quality headphones and special transcription software, it’s difficult to do the job well without the good equipment.
  • Proofreading is the most important part of the reviewing process which includes filling up empty spaces, correcting spelling, punctuation errors, checking for words that have similar sounds when pronounced but different spellings and more.

One Medical Secretary remembered a particularly comical moment in her early career when a colleague had been suffering from a particularly brutal hangover following an office Christmas party and was asked to transcribe some doctor’s notes from the previous day. During the actual hospital appointment, the doctor stated that his patient had a history of sickle cell disease and that his arm is bruised. This was then incorrectly and somewhat idiotically transcribed as “the patient has a history of sick as hell disease and his armory is blue.” While this mistake is not life-threatening, imagine the consequences of getting allergic reaction information wrong.

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Jane Ellis @ eHow gives good advice by suggesting to:

“Use a good-quality stereo headset. The better you can hear what you’re transcribing, the more you will be able to type without having to go back over the audio again and again. Stereo is important if your transcribing machine has more than one channel”

Our USA Transcription Companies Are Always Available and Easy to Reach

Ensuring that you get the level of help that you deserve from our transcription companies in USA to make your academic project better, our dedicated team of writers offers our services right across all of the U.S., help is just one click away. Our professional range of support for academic transcription includes a fast and accurate service with your thesis, dissertation, lecture, research and even seminar audio streams right across the country with experts in:

  • New York
  • Los Angeles
  • Chicago
  • Brooklyn
  • Houston
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  • Atlanta

Benefits of Our Transcription Services Atlanta

We offer completely thorough and help from experts in our highly specialized US transcription services which guarantees to have the best writers available doing the work for you. To help ensure that we retain your valued custom, our services are fully aimed at your satisfaction while giving you the next opportunities:

  • 24/7 confidential ordering and customer support services
  • Writing and free proofreading included
  • On time delivery guaranteed within your specified deadline
  • Affordable prices with discounts
  • Unlimited number of reviews with the fast turnaround between them
  • 100% refund if you aren’t satisfied with the work

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