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Professional Webinar Transcription Services

Professional Webinar Transcription ServicesWould a Webinar Transcription Service Help You?

Transcription is the process by which spoken words are put down in writing. The reason for this is that although audio and video recordings are easy to make with the technology that we have available the resultant file is not so easy to use. It is very difficult to search videos for specific pieces of information or to collate information into specific categories from audio recordings. Transcription allows us to have the information in a usable format that is easy to scan, search and also share. Few people however have the time or the patience necessary to actually undertake transcription and few people have the luxury of employing secretarial staff that can do the work for them. This is why if you need a webinar transcription it will be far easier and quicker to use our transcription services.

What Can Our Audio to Text Transcription Services Do for You?

Doing a webinar transcription is not as simple a job as you might think; it can also be very time consuming which is why many people will look for professional help. Our professional transcription services are available around the clock to provide you with the services that you need and are highly reliable and quick. Our experienced and qualified staff are here to provide:

  • Highly accurate transcriptions
  • Transcriptions that are verbatim or intelligent verbatim
  • Time stamps and other tools where required
  • Academic formatting to the resulting text
  • Proofreading and editing of text
  • Translation of your webinar transcription.
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We Employ the very Best Qualified Transcribers for Your Webinar Transcription

We know that transcription cannot be done accurately by just anyone. It takes a specific skill set and a lot of experience to provide accurate transcriptions that are highly accurate. This is why, unlike many other sites that will hire anyone that will work cheaply enough, we only hire the very best qualified transcribers. We have a reputation to maintain and clients to satisfy which means always using the very best staff. Our transcribers are all:

  • Full qualified in the art of transcription
  • Have access to the required software and hardware to undertake their work
  • Able to understand the accents, dialects, and languages being spoken
  • Hold degrees relevant to the subject area of the webinar transcription ensuring that they understand it.

Order Your Webinar Transcription from Us with Confidence

webinar transcriptionBy using the very best transcribers for your webinar transcription we are confident that your transcription will be highly accurate and delivered to you when you need it; in fact we guarantee it. All of our services are covered by our full satisfaction guarantee which means that is you are not fully satisfied we will either fix the problems to your satisfaction promptly or we will return your money to you. In addition to this we also provide every client with around the clock support, easy to use fully confidential services and full proofreading of every transcription to ensure that it does not contain writing errors. So if you need a highly affordable and accurate webinar transcription just contact us today.

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