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transcribe lecturesHaving to transcribe lectures is never easy since you need to make sure that all the contents of your audio file have been copied word for word so that no data is altered or missing. This means that you need to go over your work multiple times. This can be time-consuming especially if you have several minutes worth of audio to go through. Fortunately, you can save yourself from all the trouble by having an expert transcriptionist handle the transcription lecture for you instead.

Lectures are among the most common materials that needed transcription. Students and professionals seek transcriptionists for the better script and text materials. There are some tips for better lecture transcription below.

transcribe lectures with our helpHow to Transcribe Lectures

  1. lecture transcription sampleUse good quality tools. Use a good quality headset for listening. Your tools should be suited for long hours of work. Some transcriptionists use a foot pedal, and an audio converter. Be proficient in using these tools for successful transcribing.
  2. Use good transcription software. There are free and paid transcription software you can use. Download and install one on your device and master how to use it. The software helps speed up your work and allows you to be more accurate.
  3. Familiarize yourself with the shortcut keys. This will definitely make your work easier. Memorize the shortcut keys and techniques to make immediate corrections, inserting words, and other keyboard commands.
  4. Choose a comfortable working station. Choose a quiet room to work. Make sure that you have a comfortable chair and table to work on. Remember, you will be working long hours so it is very important that you have ergonomic chair and table.
  5. You should have above average typing skills. The average typing skills for a professional transcriptionist is 65-70 wpm or words per minute. To be a successful lecture transcriptionist, you must be a fast and accurate typist.
  6. Try to make a sensible document. Transcribe in a way that the words make sense in the content. Since you’re transcribing a lecture, you can be sure that the message of the speaker is clear and organized, making things easier for you.
  7. Write complete words. Do not abbreviate. Complete the words as how it is said in the script.
  8. Be accurate. Aside from fast typing skills, you need to have good hearing skills to ensure that you hear the words accurately.
  9. Read your transcription. After the transcription is done, read the script to make sure that every word makes sense.
  10. Proofread your transcription. You don’t have to edit the content of the material, just make sure that there are no grammatical, punctuation, or spelling errors. You can use the spell check in your computer.

tips to transcribe lectures

Transcription Tips

The following are transcription tips to make you a better transcriber. Check them out and start improving on the tasks, especially if you commonly receive one from time to time.

  1. Be a fast and accurate typist. Your typing speed matters in transcribing documents. However, you must also be precise, or else, you will waste time in making corrections.
  2. You must have accurate and clear listening skills because you need to understand what’s on the audio in order to type it. For it, you need good earphones or headphones. Invest in a good one. If there is at least a speaker, they have an accent or there is a background noise, the more quality you need in your earphones/headphones.
  3. Correct the relevant information as well as the spelling of what you’re transcribing. Take the names of the speakers down too.
  4. Use transcription software for the task. You can choose between paid or free software online. You also need a laptop and foot pedals. Others also use keyboard shortcut keys or desktops. Choose what’s suitable for you.
  5. Know the required format. If you’re working for clients, you must know how he or she wants the format to be done. It will be easier than to change the format later.
  6. Save proofreading time by controlling your accuracy especially on grammar and spelling. Or else, you may need someone to do it for you before sending the finish product.
  7. Have a comfortable, quiet working environment. You must also work in a space that provides you with comfort especially that you’re working for long periods of time. With it, you can also type faster.
  8. Practice with typing tests if you’re a slow typist. It will help you improve not only on speed but also on accuracy.
  9. Assess the sound quality as soon as you received the file. You may want to report back to the client and let him or her know of the file quality. Get a better version if it’s a poor quality audio.
  10. Enjoy what you’re doing! There is no better feeling than enjoying the tasks you’re working at, so be sure to love it.

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Transcribe Lectures with Us

lecture transcription exampleTranscribing audio files requires a good ear and quick typing skills in order to capture the words that are recorded. Not only that but it should be done in such a way that nothing is altered or edited because any missing information can render the whole file useless. This is why if you need someone to transcribe your audio you should look for an expert service like ours. We are confident that all of your audio files will be reviewed and transcribed by professional transcriptionists so you can get accurate results in no time. Our service has been transcribing audio files for years now and we know exactly how to get all information no matter how poor the recording is.

Our transcriptionists are well trained and have the experience needed to deliver quality transcription to anyone who needs their audio files transcribed. It doesn’t matter whether you need it fast or not because we can deliver on time. The best part of hiring our service is that you can get professional results at a rate that is easy on your pockets. Why bother looking for another academic transcription company when you can get all your needs addressed by our experts?

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We know how important it is to have your audio files transcribed accurately which is why we make sure that all transcriptionists that we hire are up to the task. There is no doubt that once you send your orders to us we will make sure that we deliver accurate results within the timeframe given to us.

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