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Transcribe Video to Text for Your Academic Needs

Do You Have a Need to Transcribe Video to Text?

Transcribe Video to Text for Your Academic NeedsWith the technology and gadgets that we have available to us today it is very easy to record a lecture or even the interviews that use to gather data for your degree. Being able to record everything allows us to fully concentrate on what is being said without having to worry about capturing everything within our notes. However when it comes time to go through those interviews to categorize the information or to find a specific piece of information that you need from a lecture it is going to be very difficult. We need video to text transcription so that the data will be available in a written from that is easy to scan and to search.

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How Can We Help Transcribe Video to Text

We are a professional academic transcription company that specializes in the transcription of everything from lectures to academic interviews. By using our services to transcribe video to text you can be assured of and provided with:

  • The highest levels of transcription accuracy; we can overcome poor recording quality, heavy accents and background noise
  • Fully verbatim or intelligent verbatim transcription
  • Time stamps to tie your video to your transcription
  • Formatting to your specific needs including academic formatting to any recognized style
  • Full translation, proofreading and editing services for your transcriptions.

We Are Qualified to Transcribe Video to Text

Some so called online transcription services believe that they can just hire the cheapest freelancers that they can find to provide transcription. The result is often poor quality, inaccurate text that is delivered late as inexperienced people just cannot do the work of a professional. We ensure that all clients receive the best and do that by only using highly qualified and very experienced transcribers to provide our services. So when we work with you to transcribe video to text your transcriber will be:

  • A full qualified transcriber with a huge amount of experience
  • A holder of a higher degree chosen for their knowledge in the area of your video transcription
  • Able to understand the accents used in your video
  • Native level fluency in English
  • Access to all necessary software and hardware to transcribe video to text.

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We Guarantee to Transcribe Video to Text Accurately and Reliably

transcribe video to textDon’t risk your time and money using a lesser service; come straight to our reliable and highly professional academic transcription services and work with the best. Our services are easy to use with highly transparent pricing that anyone can understand. We always provide our clients with the best transcribers to transcribe video to ensure that they will always be fully satisfied. Through us you will benefit from:

  • Around the clock easy to access friendly support
  • A full satisfaction money back guarantee
  • 24hr turnaround for rush orders; with guarantees on time delivery
  • Fully confidential services and secure data transfer
  • Highly affordable transcription with discounts.

So if you are looking for a reliable transcription service that you can trust to transcribe video to text for you just contact our highly qualified experts here.

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