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Transcribing Interviews for Your Research Study with Us It’s Easy

Transcribing Interviews for Your Research Study with Us It's EasyDo You Need Help with Transcribing Interviews?

Recording interviews is very simple; most people have access to a recording device or a video camera or can even use a laptop or a cell phone. Being able to record the interviews allows you to fully concentrate on what is being said and react accordingly to draw out additional information rather than worrying about what notes to take. But recordings are not so easy to scan through to find information or to analyze. You will need to take what has been recorded and turn it into text for it to be truly useful for your research. Transcribing audio from interviews is not as easy as you may think however; it takes a lot of time, a huge amount of concentration and a lot of patience. This is why it is almost always best to turn to a professional academic transcription service for transcribing interviews.

Our Staff Are Perfect for Transcribing Interviews

Many online services that provide writing and transcription services provide their services through the use of unqualified freelancers. As you can imagine asking someone with only basic English skills and no knowledge of the field of your research to accurately transcribe what was said within your interviews is likely to result in very poor results. As a professional service that puts its clients first we only employ highly qualified and very experienced transcribers to work for our clients. In addition to their specific transcribing qualifications they are also:

  • Full native level speakers of English
  • Holders of higher degrees (PhD or Masters) in a field that is relevant to the specific area of your interviews ensuring a full understanding of terminology and language used
  • Able to fully understand the accents of the people speaking
  • Able to provide the transcriptions in specific academic formats.
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What Can We Provide when Transcribing Interviews?

Our academic transcription services offer a full range of services to help ensure that your interviews will be transcribed in just the way you need them done. We offer fast and accurate services delivered by real experts and can provide you with all of the following as required:

Transcribing interviews in any format. Including overcoming issues with:

  • Background noises
  • Poor recording
  • Heavily accented voices
  • Multiple speakers
  • Production of transcription into any required academic format
  • Verbatim transcription or intelligent verbatim
  • Time stamping to match the text with the audio recording
  • Secure transfer of data and full confidentiality.

The most Reliable Service when Transcribing Interviews

transcribing interviewsWith the very best transcribers and professional support you can be assured that your interview transcriptions will be delivered on time and to the highest levels of accuracy. We understand fully the need for accurate transcriptions which is why you always work with the best transcribers. We provide you with a full money back guarantee based on your full satisfaction with the transcription. All work is delivered on time even if you order 24hr delivery. We are a highly affordable service with a very clear pricing structure as well as offering many discounts. So if you need help transcribing interviews just contact us through our website today and we will ensure that you work with the best academic transcribers to transcribe your interviews.

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