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What Are The 2015 Requirements To Academic Transcription Services?

transcription services ratesJust like everything in the business world, academic transcription services are changing. What worked in 2013 is not necessarily what works in 2015, with the needs of customers’ altering. As life gets more and more hectic, 2015 academic transcription services have to adapt to make sure that what they offer the customer is absolutely what the customer wants – and not what they think the customer wants. Transcription services that fail to change get left behind.

Top 5 2015 Academic Transcription Services Requirements

I would like to see better communication between the transcriber and myself.

Communication between the customer and their transcriber has improved hugely for 2015 academic transcription services like our own. After listening to the needs of customers, we have introduced 24/7 customer support, which essentially means that we are on hand to talk to you whenever you need us. If you have any concerns, it doesn’t matter what time it is; just call, email or chat to us whenever you want. Access has never been better.

I need a quick transcription service. Is this possible?

We realised that customers sometimes need really quick transcriptions. It happens; one moment you don’t need a transcription and the next you need one immediately. To solve this problem, we introduced the ’Rush Turnaround’ feature, which produces a transcript in just 24 hours. This allows customers who are faced with looming deadlines to get their work completed in time.

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In 2015, I really need 2015 academic transcription services to do more than just transcribe.

We asked our customers what they would like to see from us besides just transcribing their research, and high on the list was the ability to analyse and code the data – which is exactly what we are now able to do as an additional service. This further removes any hassle the customer would feel if they had to do it themselves.

Because technology is changing, has your service changed with it?

Academic Transcription service have embraced technology to its fullest, and we now accept files that are sent to us via a number of free file hosting sites, such as Drop Box and Hot File. This makes life much more convenient to our customers and improves the speed at which files are transferred.

I have no time to proofread the transcription but don’t want to pay extra costs

Our research transcription services rates are super competitive, affordable – and come with a number of bonuses. For example, to keep our transcription services rates as low as possible, we offer a free proofreading service that means the student not only doesn’t have to do it themselves – but which also clears the transcription from any errors.

Why Us?

transcription services ratesAcademic Transcription services always listen to our customers when it comes to what they want to see from top quality 2015 academic transcription services. Rather than staying still, we are always changing and adapting to new needs and wants. With the introduction of Rush Turnaround, 24/7 customer support and the ability to support numerous ways of transferring files back and forth, we have listened to our customers and continue to provide the kind of effective and quick transcription service they want.

So if you are in need of a high quality transcription service that meets all your needs, why not get in touch with us today to see what we can do for you?


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