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What Are The 7 Advantages Of Transcribing Your Lectures?

transcribe audio file to textLectures can be long. Typically, they last for between 1-2 hours and retaining your focus throughout those 2 hours can be difficult. Naturally, some lectures are interesting; they are interactive and they tell a story. Moreover, the lecturer can be charismatic, exciting and engaging. But sometimes lectures are just downright boring, and it can be very tempting to take a nap, thereby missing valuable information. Whatever the kind of lecture, writing down notes is far from easy. Sometimes you’re just not in the mood, and sometimes you’d prefer to just listen to the lecturer. After all, you don’t want to be distracted and miss something important.

The Benefits Of Lecture Transcription

Instead of furiously scribbling down lots of incoherent notes during your lecture, why not arm yourself with a a dictaphone, sit back and record the lecture before transcribing it at a later date? Let’s take a look at some advantages.

You Get To Focus On Your Lecturer – Rather than spending your head constantly looking at your notepad, by engaging in dictaphone transcription at a later date, you are free to give your lecturer your undivided attention.

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Your Notes Will Make Sense – If you are furiously scribbling your notes down during the lecture, you might end up missing words out that will later on make understanding the text difficult. Moreover, your handwriting could easily become erratic. By recording the transcription and indulging in lecture transcription, all your notes will make sense.

Your Won’t Miss A Thing – If you decide to jot notes down during the lecture, you might miss some important information. But if you record the lecture, you won’t miss anything!

It Won’t Matter If Your Lecturer Talks Fast – Do you have to listen to a lecturer who talks extremely quickly and barely pauses? If you utilise dictaphone transcription, you can pause your recording every now and then as you transcribe every word. Conversely, you cannot transcribe real life.

You Won’t Be Distracted – When listening to a lecture, it can be so easy to become distracted. You mind may start to wander, or your friend might start texting you – which will cause you to miss some key points. Voice to text transcription is easy, and if you do get distracted whilst transcribing, you can just press pause.

Good For Backup – If you’re the kind of person who easily misplaces things – such as lecture notes – a recording of the lecture will be priceless.

Repeated Listening Makes It Easier To Understand – During a lecture, you only get one chance to make sense of that complex and baffling analogy your lecturer just made. But if you record the lecture, you get the chance to play it over and over again.

Why Choose Our Lecture Transcription Services?

transcribe audio file to textOkay, so lecture transcription by now sounds great, right? Well, if you are still really unsure about doing it yourself and are concerned about the time it will take you, we at Academic Transcription services are home to a team of professional experts who will do it all for you. We work quickly and effectively, and always provide a 98-100% accurate translation. We offer a whole host of superb features – including Rush Turnaround for those in a hurry – and our quick transcription service comes with a 100% money back guarantee. Why not give us a call today to see what we can do for you?





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