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Why Our Academic Transcription Services

University Transcription Services

Academic Transcription ServicesTranscribing is one of the most useful tools of organization and analysis that we have, but unfortunately because of the tedious and boring nature of transcription it’s not something that people often want to do, and that’s understandable! Endlessly retyping something can seem futile and can easily drive you crazy if you have a large workload! But if you choose a dedicated service, the benefits of transcription will become apparent.

University Transcription ServicesIf you want to review the information contained in an audio or video recording in more detail, if there’s something you want to analyze further and go back to review but wouldn’t otherwise be able to, transcribe it! If you simply have a few personal audio notes, transcribe them and put them in order. The reason that many people don’t do this is simply because of the time and effort it takes, but those are two things that you no longer have to worry about.

With the help of our professional academic transcription services we will save your time!

Why Our Academic Transcription Services

The two challenges of transcription are speed and accuracy. Trying to maintain typing speed to match with the pace of speech while remaining accurate, is a skill. When transcribing individually people are often inclined to go as fast as possible, which unsurprisingly causes a lot more mistakes in transcription. We offer academic transcription services that will exceed your expectations in terms of results:

  • we guarantee you 98% accuracy
  • we provide free final proofreading
  • we deliver all transcripts on time
  • we maintain the highest confidentiality
  • we offer data coding and analysis services
  • we provide you with 100% money back guarantee

When it comes to academic transcriptions you won’t find a service with better expertise, and more skilled and experienced professionals, who can help with any kind of university transcription!

What Can We Do for You?

University Transcription ServiceWe offer a wide range of university transcription services and we can transcribe any audio or video format, in almost any language and can even enhance low quality recordings. We also offer to translate any audio or video transcriptions into any language of choice. We provide research transcription services or thesis transcription services. Regardless of the situation we will provide a transcription you can benefit from.  You can trust our service and our professionals to provide top notch quality transcriptions, completed on time and error-free! There are other services out there to choose from, but we’re confident you won’t find one with more specialized expertise, experience, and resources than ours,

The highest quality university transcription on the internet!