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Why Might You Need Our Professional Transcription Services UK Help?

Transcription in basic terms is the transfer of an audio or video recording into written form and has generally originated from someone simply typewriting the recorded content. In most cases its conversations, interviews or dictations that are subject to transcription as they are momentary and what we remember from conversations is often sketchy. Transcription overcomes this problem by supporting memory. In a transcript, the speech is represented in writing and is then made accessible for analysis at a later stage. However, being able to carry it out is not so straight forward as it may seem and why there has been a rise in the number of transcriptions services UK and transcription services Ireland that offer professional help to have it done.

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As we have already said, being able to transcribe accurately is not as easy as people think, or as quick. It takes an average typing speed of 60 words per minute anywhere up to 6 hours to transcribe an interview of 1 hour which means that it takes a transcriber 2.35 minutes to transcribe 1 minute of talking. This can be an extremely time-consuming process which can leave no space in a busy schedule to get anything else done, especially if you have many hours of interviews to get hyped up for a research project.

Many people find that their academic transcription needs often exceeds the time they have allotted for the process and to save encroaching on other valuable aspects of their dissertation process, rely on professional transcribing services UK from companies such as ours. Our London transcription service use only native British speakers who are able to understand all English dialects and can quickly and accurately have your audio stream typed up and returned in the shortest amount of time.

How to Avoid the Most Common Errors by Our Professional Transcripts UK

Just like anything else, there is a right way to do things and a wrong way. However, when transcribing, the smallest errors can sometimes have a big impact.

To help improve the success of getting everything down and avoiding mistakes, our UK transcripts suggest:

  • Decent transcription software is a must. There is a variety of free programs to use, but as with anything else, you have to invest and pay for the best of them.
  • Headphones are a transcriptionist’s best friend. When you consider hearing and listening are essential in transcription, a decent set of headphones is a must. You cannot do a good job without the right tools.
  • As you’re typing, don’t guess at acronyms, company names or anything else for that matter. If you don’t understand any part of the audio, then do a bit of research. Google is a brilliant research tool and if used appropriately, you can find almost anything.
  • Don’t go too fast, it is easy to miss out words trying to hit 100 wpm, punctuation becomes poor and sentences end up as a whole paragraphs.
  • Don’t lose concentration, people often think about other things during monotonous processes and this can sometimes creep into your typing. It has been known for people to start adding words associated to other things on their minds.
  • Don’t skip on thorough proofreading. It is essential to complete a check of your writing as quite often, mistakes will have crept in and where there is one, many others will follow. Always check the finished transcript against the audio checking for missed words and correct use of them; their/there etc.

Not All UK Transcription Companies Are as Professional as Ours

We understand exactly what is entailed when it comes to having your transcription completed accurately in verbatim style or edited verbatim to cut out unwanted noises or interruptions etc. many of our competitors however fail to do this and rely on speech recognition software to try and cut out lengthy typing processes which always ends in bad work. The English language is far too complicated and the technology simply hasn’t been developed yet to rely on this.

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The following is an example of when a poor service gets it wrong:

One person was given the responsibility of writing an elderly woman’s memoirs of life growing up in 1940’s Cuba. Throughout the process of transcribing her thoughts and memories, she continued to refer to a former American boyfriend with a fairly unusual name. When the memoir was published, the name of the former boyfriend, Alfie Ebet, had unfortunately been misprinted throughout and read Alphabet.

Our Professional and Cheap Transcription Services UK Are Widely Available

In order for our professional transcription company UK to reach out and connect with more people over a much wider area within the country, we have increased our range of help to incorporate all the major areas making it easier to find dedicated support. At the click of a button, you can get our exceptional help with all your academic transcription needs; thesis, dissertation, lecture and research in popular locally in:

  • London
  • Birmingham
  • Glasgow
  • Liverpool
  • Leeds
  • Sheffield
  • Edinburgh

The Veterans History Project  reinforces that:

“The goal is to create a transcript that is both accurate and understandable to the reader. It need not include every utterance or describe every background noise, but it should reproduce as closely as possible the speaker’s words. It should also be consistent in the stylistic approach and level of detail throughout”

Advantages of Using Our UK Transcription Services

Our transcription UK service offers highly specialized assistance with your recorded material that you can trust to provide you with the highest level of support and accuracy that is needed. With support for just about all audio and video formats including; MP3, MP4, M4A, AMR, WMA, AAC and WAV files, we always aim to ensure you are provided with a level of satisfaction through using our services that are what you should expect to receive from one of the leaders in our field and keep you coming back to us. Through us you not only get the best level of help available from some of the best experts, but you also benefit from:

  • 24/7 fully confidential ordering and customer support
  • Highly affordable prices with no hidden charges
  • Completely error free writing that is always completed on time
  • Unlimited reviews with a fast turnaround between each one
  • Guaranteed full satisfaction or your money back

We offer the most highly specialized and best transcription services UK that you will find anywhere so get in touch with our friendly support team now through our online website!